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Gifts !

  • Toys
    Toys for kids! No, not goat kids, silly! (Though we probably have those, too. These are farm- and equestrian-themed toys (more than we can show...
  • Miller 10-frame bee hive.
    Bee hives and beekeeping supplies
    We now stock a few beehives and beekeeping supplies. Give us a call and see if we have what you need.
  • Wild bird feed and bird houses.
    Bird houses and bird seed
    We have an extensive line of bird houses. Whether you want a Purple Martin house or a small bird house it's here. Squirrel proof bird feeders, too! Need a hummingbird feeder? Several in stock. Also bird guides. Also save on...
  • Books and guides
    Books and guides
    Small farming "How to" Books Need a book on how to raise chickens?  Raising goats?  How to raise pigs?  How to raise turkeys?  How to raise ducks? Gardening books - How to improve...
  • Bushnell wildlife camera and Bushnell binoculars.
    Wildlife cameras and binoculars
    Wildlife cameras and binoculars We pick the best ones at the best value and sell them. Catch that raccoon in the act!
  • Thermometers and rainfall guages
    Weather instruments
    Thermometers, Rainfall Guages Yep, the gardener needs them (and who doesn't). Lots of fancy styles to choose from. Makes a good grab gift...
  • Pet toys
    Pet toys
    Toys for dogs, Toys for cats, toys for toys!  (Wait, that's not right. Hmm) More than we can show here... everything from durable to squeaky, gummy to yummy. Years of experience tells us what they like. Come in and see...